The shortened and worn-out teeth were restored with composite. The soft-tissue line was harmonized through plastic periodontal surgery.

The gaps between the teeth were eliminated with esthetic composite restorations.

The front teeth are severely worn-out and shortened. After bleaching and restoring the teeth with composite the esthetics was completely reestablished.

Poorly adapted, discoloured old composite fillings were replaced with all-ceramic crowns.

Because of parafunction – bruxism, the teeth are short and with multiple cervical defects. During the treatment we improved the soft-tissue contour and restored the teeth with veneers.

The harmony of the soft tissues and the teeth was achieved through soft tissue plastic surgery and all-ceramic restorations on the upper incisors.

The missing left lower molars were replaced with implants and implant-supported porcelain-fused-to –metal crowns.

Comprehensive treatment with implants.

Complete rehabilitation including soft-tissue plastic surgery and replacement of the poorly adapted and unaesthetic restorations with new PFM structures.

The upper central incisors are discoloured and with enamel cracks. The correction was achieved with ceramic veneers.

The root of the right was fractured during an accident. The tooth was extracted and replaced with an implant and a crown.

The teeth were bleached and the tooth abrasion and negative smile line were corrected with veneers.

The severely eroded upper front teeth because of excessive intae of citrus fruits were restored with veneers.

The negative smile line was corrected after comprehensive treatment.

The congenitally missing upper laterals were restored with implants after orthodontic preparation. The implant supported crowns are fabricated from zirconia.